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Railway Trips Around Taiwan

  • Taroko

    4-Day Fun Taiwan Tour: Taroko, Taitung, Kenting, Kaohsiung

    Day 1 Taipei Main Station to Hualian Station by train → Taroko National Park
    Day 2 Hualien & Taitung full-day tour → Kenting
    Day 3 Kenting half-day tour → Kaohsiung
    Day 4 Kaohsiung afternoon half-day tour → THSR Zuoying Station to THSR Taipei Station by THSR

  • Sun Moon Lake

    5-Day Romantic Tour: Alishan, Sun Moon Lake, Taroko

    Day 1 Taipei Main Station to THSR Jiayi Station by THSR* → Jiayi Train Station → Fenqi Hu Scenic Area → Alishan National Scenic Area
    Day 2 Alishan sunrise → Dream works of the Mei → Xiangshan Visitor Center → Sun Moon Lake
    Day 3 Sun Moon Lake boat excursion → Wen Wu temple → Qingjing Farm
    Day 4 Qingjing Farm → Wuling → Song Syue Lodge → Dayuling → Silks Place Taroko → Hualien
    Day 5 Taroko Gorge Park → Hualien Train Station to Taipei Main Station by train

  • Jiufen

    5-Day Tour: Kaohsiung, Taitung, Taroko, Yilan, Yehliu, Jiufen

    Day 1 Taipei Main Station to THSR Zuoying Station by THSR → Kaohsiung half-day tour
    Day 2 Kaohsiung Train Station to Taitung Train Station by train → East Coast half-day tour → Taitung
    Day 3 Taitung-Hualien half-day tour (Mr. Brown Avenue or Luye Highland → Chishang Fanbao Museum → Ruisui Ranch or Hualien Tourism Sugar Factory → Yun Shan Shui or Lintian Mountain) → Hualien
    Day 4 Taroko Gorge Park → Hualien Tran Station to Jiaoxi by train
    Day 5 Yilan Day of Fun (choose 1 from 3) → Luodong Train Station to Taipei Main Station by train
    Yilan Day options: (A) Sanxing, Jiuliao Creek Trail, Qingshui Geothermal Park (B) National Center for Traditional Arts and Meihua Lake (C) Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area

Full-Day Tours

  • Taroko Gorge

    Taroko Gorge Park Full-Day Tour

    Qingshui Cliff → Eternal Spring Shrine → Swallow Grotto Yanzikou Trail → Lunch → Cimu Bridge → Taroko National Park East Entraince Arch Gate → Qixingtan Beach

    Pick-up / Drop-off: Hualien City

  • Alishan Forest

    Alishan Forest Railway Full-Day Tour

    Take the Forest Railway to Fenqi Hu Scenic Area → Alishan National Scenic Area → Tianchang Bridge & Dijiu Bridge

    Pick-up / Drop-off: (1) THSR Jiayi Station (2) Jiayi Train Station

  • Sun Moon Lake

    Sun Moon Lake Full-Day Tour

    Cycle around Sun Moon Lake →Xiangshan Visitor Center → Sun Moon Lake Boat Excursion → Sun Moon Lake Ropeway → Ita Thao Shopping District

    Pick-up / Drop-off: (1) Taichung Train Station (2) HSRT Taichung Station (3) Selected Hotels in Taichung City

  • Yehliu, Jiufen,

    Yehliu, Jiufen, Pineapple Cake Factory Full-Day Tour

    Jiufen Old Street → Shifen Old Street → Pineapple Cake Factory

    Pick-up: (1) Taipei Main Station (2) MRT Ximen Station

    Drop-off: (1) Raohe Street Night Market (2) Yongkang Street (3) Ximending (4) Taipei Main Station (5) Shilin Night Market test

  • Qingjing Farm

    Qingjing Farm & Skywalk Full-Day Tour

    Qingjing Farm → Qingjing Skywalk → Qingjing Shopping District → Qingjing Guest House

    Pick-up / Drop-off: (1) Taipie Main Station (2)THSR Taichung Station

  • Shei-pa Farm

    Shei-pa Leisure Farm & Yunwu Trail Full-Day Tour

    Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area Visitor Center→ Yunwu Trail → Shei-pa Leisure Farm → West Branch of Dalu Forest Road → Guanwu Villa

    Pick-up / Drop-off: (1) Taipei Main Station (2) Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel (3) THSR Hsinchu Station

  • Wuling

    Wuling South Side Full-Day Tour

    Wuling Farm → Wuling South Side Forest Tour

    Pick-up / Drop-off: Taipei Main Station